Friday, August 26, 2016

More from July 27, 2016

It was time to go to the park.  William wanted to ride his bike AND bring the bear.  I nixed the bear...I figured I'd end up holding it.

William loves his kick-stand!

Now Benjamin, "Mr. Fix-It" and "Mr. Let-Me-See-How-This-Works" was going to do some shredding for his Papa.
Emerson was ready to play some ball.
So, off to the park went William, Emerson, and Mimi.

This is after Emerson and I played a little baseball...actually, I think William batted some too.

Aunt Lindsey and Benjamin showed up after he finished his job!

The man of many faces!

It was getting dark...and it was getting cold...
so home we went!
Benjamin and Emerson started hamming it up while they consummed AN ENTIRE PACKAGE of fresh strawberries!

I think Lindsey was talking to Lindsey...yep, that's correct.  Lindsey has a friend with the same first and middle name...even spelled exactly the same.
Every night during Mimi-Camp, we had a 'Mimi-Camp Meeting."
We would talk about what we did that day...
and I would write it all in a journal.  The boys would usually tell me what I should write.
After our 'meeting', Emerson and Benjamin would take turns reading books.  They were having a blast reading these Dr. Seuss books.  They would laugh and laugh and laugh!

This became a game of 'don't let Mimi take a picture of us.'
Mimi was persistent...
So were they!

July 27th was a great day at Mimi-Camp!

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