Monday, August 01, 2016

Trampoline fun and fishing with Benjamin and William

 I went to play with my little men...William and Benjamin!
 William is full of energy and wanted to get on the trampoline..
wanted me to get on the trampoline with him.
I reminded him about my knee...and that I just couldn't get on it.
 "Watch me, Mimi!"
 and I did!

 Later we went into what I call their "Man cave."
It's the garage...
with great building materials inside!

 These boys were busy...
busy building a type of garage with ramps..

 William started taking lots of photos with my phone...
LOTS of pictures!

 Later in the day, we drove to Pleasenten for William's gymnastics.
To avoid heavy traffic, we left early and went to a park.

 Donnie was having jaw surgery this day (July 11)...
Poor guy!  Lindsey was with him.
 The next day, after Donnie was home and decided to go to work,
Lindsey and I took the boys fishing.
Benjamin had been asking me to take him.  I told him that was something his Mimi knew nothing about.  He assured me he knew how to do everything and even knew where to go.

 He did...
but his mama ended up coming with us. 

A few times I had to remind them to watch out for others when they were casting, but mostly, they did great!  Unfortunately, we didn't catch any fish!

This was definitely a fun day!


Anonymous said...

great pictures of them fishing!

Anonymous said...

That hair on William! Benjamin looks like he has good casting form!