Wednesday, August 31, 2016

July 31st at the park

 Back to the park we went.
William on his bike...

 The first game must have been chase!

 I'm  not sure what I did, but I got "put in jail."
My captors were checking in on me.
 I begged to get out.
They told me I had to take 60 pictures before I could get out.
 I started snapping away.
 Fortunately, they lowered it to 25..or it may have been 30?
 "What do ya think, Emerson?  Should we make it 25 or 30?" asked my youngest guard.

 I think my guards were trying to cheer me up...
It wasn't working.
They started thinking about this whole 'jail' idea.
Maybe Mimi shouldn't be in jail?
 William was doubting their decision.
Guess what?
They let me out!
 I think they wanted a pitcher for baseball...
instead of an inmate in jail.

 A little story about that blue bat and ball.
Lindsey and Donnie bought it while they were here for William.
He LOVES it!
He was walking around referring to himself as "The Baseball Player."
He'd say things like,
"The baseball player is coming up the stairs."
"The baseball player is hungry."
"The baseball player...."
He's a riot!
Fun at the park with Emerson and The Baseball Player!

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