Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy 8th Birthday, Emerson King!

 Happy #8, Emerson!  Last year when you turned 7, you had a baseball party.
Here it's been an entire year and you are still a sports-loving guy!
 You went with Papa and I to Benjamin's birthday later in May, 2016.
I hope you always like to be with us!

You have always been such a great big brother to Walt!  This was last May...
 In June, I came to visit you and Walt...(and your parents!)  I love how you're nestled inbetween them!

This is one of my favorite pictures!  You love to make Walt laugh....and at the same time, you were making me laugh.  Walt is so blessed to have you as his brother!
 In July, we had "Mimi-Camp"!  We played for a week...going to be the beach, bowling, the park, making pizza, playing baseball,...we just played!

Also during Mimi-Camp, we went to Loleta and hiked the Train Tunnel trail.
 Your parents and Walt came up at the end of Mimi Camp.  Uncle Joshua had also been here for a lot of the time.  We took a Johnston-guys picture!
 Later in August, I came to your house to be with you and Walt while your mom was in meetings for the beginning of the school year and your dad was at work. 
I also got to take you to school on your first day of 2nd grade! 
September 24th was the date of  your brother's first birthday party.  
 Can you believe it's been a year? 
On his actual birthday, the 25th, we went swimming! 
 October was a fun month!
It's the month for both of your parents' birthdays.  I came down and kept you and Walt and they took a little celebration trip! 
 Guess where we went?
 Your Papa and I were so excited when you came to visit us in November!
It was fun watching you play with your brother!  He definitely loves you!  
 In December, we all went to Uncle Joshua's.  
On Christmas Eve, you were checking out the chimney for Santa!
 Christmas morning, the stockings were the first thing to be opened!
Later in the day, we all went to the Oceanside pier and beach to play. 

 Back at home, you and Benjamin played chess.
December 26th,, you and your mama; Benjamin, William, and Aunt Lindsey..and me, we all headed to Legoland!!!!
I think everyone was super excited about going!  It was definitely an amazing place and so much fun!
 I came down in January to keep Walt while you were at school and your parents at work.  Kay and Blake flew to Hawaii.  Look at you!  I LOVE how you have pajamas for the different teams! 
We all went to a winery before I left to head home.
The guy is a client of your dad's.  
You were so good to help keep Walt entertained!
What a great big brother you are!

In February or March, Flat Stanley came to visit.  He was worried you had kicked him out of the house!
(you hadn't!)
In February, you came down and brought your family with you, to William's 5th birthday party!
You played a lot of basketball...
and jumped on the trampoline with Walt...
and I took a picture of your family!
 Your Saddie turned 90 years old on April 12, so I was off to Denver to celebrate with her!!!
But when I came back, guess who I got to see?
 Your parents let you stay home from school...(YEAH!!!)
we played...and you spent some time counting your money.
I also got to watch one of your baseball games!
 Here it is May, 2017, your birthday month.
You had your birthday party early, on May 7.
This year, your party was a basketball party...You were wearing a Curry jersey...and you played hard! 
Yesterday, May 11th, you were playing basketball at school...and tripped over someones foot, fell, and fractured your left arm!  
Oh my, Emerson!  I'm so so so sorry that happened.   Your baseball season has been cut a bit short...

What a year this has been with you....You're now 8 years old!!!  Wow!

Happy happy  birthday to you!
I love you so much....

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