Saturday, May 20, 2017

William's soccer game

William loves soccer!
He told Lindsey it was his favorite sport!
 We were down there May 6th and got to see William play in a game.
He was practicing a bit at home before we took off.
 Lindsey is one of the coaches...
so she was running the team through some drills before the game.
Love this picture!!!

 William is #2!

 The team has more players than they can have on the field at one time.
So...players take turns sitting out a quarter.
 William told me his favorite position to play is goalie.
He played this position for 2 quarters.

I love this shot of William going to kick the ball!

 Benjamin was cheering for his brother...

After the game, this brown bag of snacks is a welcome site!

Great job, William!
We loved loved loved watching you play!!!

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