Sunday, May 21, 2017

Benjamin's animal project

When we were at Lindsey's the beginning of May, Benjamin had an animal project he needed to finish for school.  At first, he wasn't too thrilled about working on it.  Once he started putting it together, he was excited...and proud of it.  He had every reason to be proud of it.
 He decided to make a book out of it...and he had the idea to trim the original pages and glue them on construction paper to make a book.  At one point, I asked him if I could help trim the pages.  He paused, thought abut it and said, "Well, I think 90% yes and 10% no."  I told him I really thought it would be ok to just help cut the edges off the white part of the paper. 
 Once the book was finished...and it looked wonderful!!!...he told me he was going to have to present it to his class.  So, he started practicing how he was going to say it.  I was his audience.

He read it all to his Papa...

I love this picture of Benjamin and his Papa...sitting on the porch steps...and Benjamin sharing his project.  He did an amazing job on it!

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