Monday, May 29, 2017

Not a super happy Emerson and a relaxing Walter!

Well, rats!
Emerson broke his left arm...on May 11...
which is now in a cast.
He broke it at school playing basketball...tripped and fell.  OUCH!
(Thank goodness it wasn't BEFORE his basketball birthday party!)

When he was 3, he broke his right arm...
now he's in school, and left handed, and broke his left arm.
Um?  Wonder how that's working?

Thankfully, those young bones heal fast.
He's scheduled to get the cast off on June 6!
Unfortunately, baseball season will be over by then...
Thank goodness, he'll be able to enjoy the pool in the summer!

 In the meantime, Walt is relaxing!  I don't know if he realizes he's sitting on a potty chair in the top picture...
He's looking so old!!!

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