Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Happy 8th Birthday, Benjamin!

On May 29, 2016, we celebrated your 7th birthday!
That's the same date as your party this year...
even though your birthday is May 30.

Early in July, I loved watching you and William in the "man cave"...aka, your garage...where you were building these incredible structures out of pieces of wood.  You would create these garages that with one little move, would shoot cars out.  I think you're going to be some kind of engineer like your dad!  We also went fishing at Lake Elizabeth.  You told me one day you wanted to go...and I told you I could do a lot of things, but fishing was something I knew nothing about.  You reassured me it was OK, because you knew all what to do....and you did!

At the end of July, we had what we called "Mimi Camp"!  Uncle Joshua, and your mom & dad were also here. We had fun bowling, going to the beach, fishing, hiking the Loleta Train Tunnel, making pizzas,  playing at the park, and reading funny books at night.  You and Emerson would take turns reading pages from Dr. Seuss books like Hop on Pop and you boys would just crack up laughing.  We would also have a "Mimi Camp Meeting" every night.  We would talk about what we did that day and then you boys would tell me what to write.  I made copies of all that we wrote and put it in each of your black books that I write for you.

 In August, we had fun playing at the park.  You and I walked around Lake Elizabeth, sitting along the way to watch the sunset and eat peanuts.  You collected some feathers, too.  I took you to the airport at the end of my trip and...you flew...to Hawaii!

In September, we all got together for Walt's first birthday.  This was my first time to see you in your baseball uniform!  I loved seeing you in it!  

October was a busy baseball month!
I was at your house twice, both before and after my trip to Colorado.
You had baseball practices, and a game too!  
Besides baseball, we spent some time playing on the trampoline, which is always fun!

December was a fun month!  We all met at Uncle Joshua's house for Christmas.
On Christmas Eve, he took us to Camp Pendleton and we got to see lots of helicopters.  You LOVED this!  You took lots of pictures and sat in a lot of the helicopters, too.  You had lots of questions for UJ.  On Christmas afternoon, we all went to the Oceanside beach and pier.  The next day....we went to Legoland!  Wow!  That place is amazing.  We all loved it, but you really understood how incredible all the sculptures were since you know so much about legos.  Emerson, Walt, Aunt Emily and Uncle Gabe had to leave UJ's earlier than you, so we went back to Legoland.  You really wanted to ride this roller coaster in the Technics section of the park...and we waited nearly 2 hours to ride it!  

February was a busy month!
I got to see you two different times...again, before and after a trip to Colorado!
The first trip, you had recently lost one of your top teeth.  I wanted a picture, of course!
There were baseball practices, trampoline time, Minecraft time (after homework)...and just lots of fun.  I took some family pictures of February 28th...William's 5th birthday.
For his party, which was a Lego theme, you created the holders for the napkins and forks.  You also created a big 5 out of legos!

March was another baseball month!  Your mom sent me the picture of you and William in your uniforms.  That was the first day of the new season and right before your first games!

Again in April, we got to hang out together 2 different times.  I went to Colorado for Saddie's 90th birthday so I saw  you before and after my trip!
You love to play Minecraft on my phone, but the rule is, no playing until ALL your homework is completed.  You sat on the couch with your mom reading to her.  You are amazing...reading in Spanish and then also in English.  
You had a baseball game (yeah!), so that was fun to watch.  Then another day you had a practice...William is now on a team, too.  During his practice, you wanted to practice batting with your mom pitching.  
Before I left, guess what I wanted to do?
Yep, take some family pictures!

Papa and I came down May 5, but you were already asleep by the late time we got there.  
William had a soccer game...you were there for part of it.  You and your dad were at home working on an animal project you had to do for school.
Later, you were working on it...and not wanting to at first.  Well, once you got into it, you had fun and it turned out amazing!  You wanted to make it into a book, which turned out great!  Then you told me you were going to have to present it in front of the entire class. So we pretended I was the class...and you practiced your presentation!  I love the picture of you and Papa sitting on the steps.  
Guess what you got to do after all that work on your animal project?  Yep, Mindcraft!  

The next day, we all went up to Emerson's 8th birthday party.  You made a basketball shirt, #35 Durant.  You did an amazing job!  You had brought your baseball gear, so for a while, that's what you did out in the field...play some baseball!

Now here you are, 8 years old!
What will this next year bring you?
I hope you are showered with blessings...

Happy 8th birthday, Benjamin!

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Thanks Mom! I love the pictures!