Thursday, August 03, 2006


Well, the doctors still say she is 'textbook'...and textbook is still feeling absolutely horrible. The mucusitus is worse...she can't eat, can't even drink water, can't even swallow like you and I do countless times a day without thinking. It's just too painful.

Camilla has resisted taking I'm not sure how you spell it...I'll have to look it up. but it's a strong pain killer. Camilla doesn't like how it makes her feel. I don't know if she finally said OK, or if the doctors took the choice out of her hands, but now she's on it. She had to have some relief. She also has a ballast (I think that's what you call it) but it's a little pump where Camilla can give herself an extra little boost of the drug when she needs it. It's measured so she can't give herself too much. I think if she presses it any more than once every 20 minutes, nothing will happen. It's safe.

Dr. Horowitz is hopeful that MAYBE she will ENGRAFT by this weekend. That would be GREAT! Once she engrafts and starts to get some white blood cells, the mucusitus should improve. Dr. Horowitz said there might be some precursers going on to give hope of engrafting soon. Yesterday, Camilla's white count was it was .8. Now that's not much, but it's something and it's certainly headed in the right direction. Rema said you just can't tell. She could stay at .8 for a while...or maybe it will go up more.

But for now...even though everything is still going 'textbook'...Camilla herself is feeling unbelieveably bad. Pray for her...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Judy. I have been waiting all week for an update on Camilla. I'll be praying that she will soon turn the page to a new chapter in that "textbook." HSB