Sunday, September 09, 2007

"I'll drink to that," said Marvin

Marvin was over for dinner tonight. Ron barbequed chicken on the grill - and we had salad and corn on the cob.

After dinner, we played a game of cribbage. We haven't been playing much lately because we've gotten in the habit of having Marvin over on Sundays. You might think, 'yeah...well, what's wrong with that?' Ron has to get up SO EARLY on Monday morning that Sunday nights can't go too late - thus - no cribbage games after dinner. But tonight being Saturday - we played cribbage. I was afraid I would have forgotten how to play. I remembered, but as usual, didn't do too hot. I think Marvin feels sorry for me. Ron doesn't.

Marvin is counting his cards. He's THE MASTER at this. He is finished counting before I can usually blink and focus on the cards!
Marvin is always the RED PEGS. Notice he's jumping ahead. He did say we were having a "cozy little game" since we were all pretty close together. The lead kept changing...although I don't think I was EVER in the lead.
This hand of Marvin's had 19 points...if you're a cribbage player, you know this is pretty dadgum good! Marvin doesn't look too excited, but you can blame that on the photographer...I just didn't get the right shot.
Marvin had a hand earlier in the game that had 1 point. Yep, just one...he had the right jack. So when he got his hand of 19 points, he was excited...he said, "I'll drink to that!" and he did!

But Ron won the game.

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