Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Buddy, Bob, should have a blog!

After reading the last post on this blog, I received this email from my buddy, Bob, today:

Now that you have the newest and freshest bathroom on CC (the name of our street), I think it's time to do something about your choice of toilet paper. Surely, you could do better than ordinary white. Everyone knows that some of the very best thinking, discoveries, inventions, and problem solving are conceived right there on the thrown. There needs to be something more inspiring than plain, ordinary white.

Pretty ordinary,
wouldn't you say?

If you are looking for some good ideas, check out these attachments.
I know you haven't asked for my advice, but after all, isn't that what friends are for?

Love ya!

Now my buddy, Bob, is a pretty witty guy. If he had a blog, I'd visit it every day. I bet all his family on the east coast and in the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS would enjoy it too. I even bet his first wife would enjoy reading it. (Actually not only is she is FIRST WIFE...but she's his ONLY wife.)

Having a blog would be an outlet for all the photographs he loves to take.

Maybe Champ would become famous. See, I bet a lot of you are already wondering, "Who is Champ?"

Yep, I think my buddy Bob needs a blog.

I'll bet he's running into his bathroom with the fancy toilet paper and thinking about this.


Anonymous said...

Judy, I hope you realize that your buddy Bob's first wife doesn't get the chance to monitor (let alone censor!) his emails. What would she do if he was sending out a blog every day for the world to read?

Anonymous said...

P.S. The wallpaper job looks great. And so do the new windows, Ron.