Sunday, September 02, 2007

Heat rises

Heat rising is a scientific principle...

Ron knows it all too well as we proceed with all this house remodeling.

This weekend our goal was to FINISH the bathroom - at least the one off our bedroom. I had already removed all the wallpaper from ours and the downstairs....which was a P-A-I-N.

I used the Wallpaper Stripper...and the little tool that perforates the old paper so the stripper can penetrate through. It was still a pain to get off. Maybe the fact that it had been on so long had something to do with it. I got it all off, cleaned the walls, and then we decided we should refinish all the oak in our bathroom before I put up the new paper. Of course, we had to paint the ceiling first. Painting and refinishing happened yesterday. A second coat is going on the ceiling as I write. I can hear Ron singing.

"Heat rises"... you may be wondering where in the world this comes into this post. Well, within approximately 2 minutes of Ron painting the skylight yesterday, this scientific principle hit home to my guy...he was sweating. He said it must have been 100 degrees up in that skylight.

Notice the physique in both these photos...
Oops, maybe I shouldn't have added this picture. He doesn't usually paint without his clothes on. As most readers of this blog may remember, Ron has shoes and outfits for all his tasks. He, of course, has his 'painting the bathroom ceiling clothes - and shoes.'

It's not like I'm trying to 'put one over' on anyone. Some of you MAY realize this last photo is actually NOT MY RON...but do you see the resemblance? My friend Rema says Ron is "buff."

Oh yeah...refinishing the is David - I mean Ron - hard at work again.
You may notice the clothes are different? These are his 'staining the oak' clothes.


Gabe said...

Snoop!! Lookin' good!!! I do think this blog should have been prefaced with an "Adult" rating or at least a "PG-13" but I do see the resemblence. With all the hard work maybe a Bob Vila picture should have been included too. And we also shouldn't forget all the hard work of a Mrs. Jutes Johnston...where's the pic??? But in all seriousness... Congratulations to a job well done!

Love you guys.

Gabe and Emily

Judy said...

Jutes' job will be most of today ... hanging the paper! Don't forget, Gabe, 'like father, like son!' and David is certainly a family name.

Anonymous said...

As I told you the other day, I love wallpaper and miss having some in our house (the first ever to have none!). So, now that I have recovered from the R-rated blog a la Ron (oops, David), I'm waiting for a pic of the finished product a la Judy. Luv ya, Helen