Monday, December 03, 2007

The 'After the Wedding Get-Together' at my brother's

At the rehearsal dinner Friday night, Kathy (of Kathy and Zack fame) said to me, "Your brother knows how to throw a party!" He does and he did. The rehearsal which was blogged for Day 7 is evidence and because one party is not enough, my brother threw another one after THE EVENT.

There were probably 60 of us who came for barbeque and the fixin's... My brother, in his excitement for party throwing, missed his sweet lips when he was drinking some coke - here's the evidence:
We stayed as long as we could...we would have stayed longer if someone hadn't gone out to her car and sat there with the motor running (but I won't say any names here:) Seriously though, we were all tired, it had been a long, glorious week in Texas. We had spent some great time with family and friends, and now it was time to say good-bye.

Just incase you're not sure who some people are, I added a little to this slide show:

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Anonymous said...

Hey is anybody hungary for Italian food or BBQ? Great pictures

Your Bro

Judy said...

could you make me some...oh, some chicken parmesean (geez, that's not how you spell it... but you know what I mean)? I think you might cook it pretty well, brother dear!

Gabe & Emily said...

I think Uncle John's greatest dish of the evening was the Pork Tenderloin, followed by Chicken Parm, Alfredo dish and the meatloaf respectively. That boy can cook!!!

Thanks for everything Saddie, UJ and Family. We had a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

Gabe, thank you but I'm going to keep my day job! I agree on the order of the food. Judy, I still have plenty of food in the freezer for you!