Thursday, December 27, 2007

A day with special friends

These are some of our dear friends...

Ron, Bill, John, Terry, Rema
Me, Ginger, Dick, Kyle

Rema and I had decided to have Christmas dinner together quite a few weeks ago. Neither one of us have any extended family living here and neither one of us had any coming for the holidays. Rema, Dick, and John are part of our family... not our family by birth, but by...well, by life's circumstances. I first got to know them through John when he was a runt - well, actually he was in 4th grade... We became family through Camilla. We love them dearly!

Through them, we met and got to know Bill... I've known Terry for 7 years. I had her oldest son, Joe, when he was in 4th grade. He and John are the same age. Kyle, well, he just happened to show up when the camera came out. I've also known Kyle 7 years when I had him for 4th grade!
Here is a small portion of the feast... notice there are three pies for 7 people? Um? Ok, now I understand where these 3 pounds came from.
Rema was trying a new recipe for gravy. I actually took another picture before this one but she told me she 'best not see that on that dang blog!' I do my best to please.
Bill was feeling a bit domestic. He was helping out by peeling the potatoes. He's from the midwest so he felt right at home.
Ron did his part by pouring a glass of wine.
Rema was checking this turkey to see if he was ready for us to consume him. He wasn't. Darn!"Dick, stand there next to Terry so I can take a picture." He did, after he took off his glasses. Why do we take off our glasses for pictures? Rema does it... I do it. Um? Need to think about that one. Terry doesn't wear glasses.Oh, well, never mind. Looks like we forgot the habit of taking off the glasses. Actually, what was happening here is I was trying to do what I see high school students do all the time. I took this picture. Yep, I've got one arm around Dick and the other one is STRETCHED out in front of me as far as my arm can reach and I'm holding the camera. I guess I needed my glasses to make sure I was pointing the camera in the right direction. Probably not the best photograph of either of us, but I had to put it here to showcase my talent of multi-tasking.Ok, let's check this turkey again. Well, we figured he was ready... we certainly were.
Here's my guy with his job. Ron is THE CARVER, doesn't make any difference where he is, he carves.After we had eaten...and eaten...and then eaten...and visited...and tried to watch some show of John's...and eaten a little more, Terry decided to head home. Ron took a photo.... notice Rema and I don't have on our glasses?

It was definitely a wonderful time spent with dear friends.
Notice who is taller?


dana said...

that christmas dinner sounds yummy and good. I truely do miss that family. next time you see them wich i am sure soon, please tell them hi for me and give them huge bear hugs. rema looks awesome. i made a blog for my family come check it out sometime.
love ya

Lesters said...

hi judy its me again so i really want to know how to put that bubbleshare photo thing on my blog but i am not sure how to. i made a "bubbleshare" and i see that you hce 0ne on your blog, could you help me get it on my blog?
thanks and just email me if not just comment