Monday, December 03, 2007

Look what's going on here!

This is the east side of the house BEFORE the work began....
This is what it looks like now....
They're ready to pour the foundation...when the rain stops. It's storming today so no work is being done. I've been taking photos along the goes:
Pete brought the Bobcat over and took out the fence and the bushes...oh, the beautiful bushes!
I think they were leveling here. That's a pile of gravel in the front.
They dug the footings for the foundation....
They put the frame up for the foundation and drilled holes in the existing foundation so the new foundation could be attached... here's a close up of the rebar:
Now my guy is a gardener...I think it's in his blood with the farm and all. Anyway, he about got tears in his eye over the blueberries (2 of the best bushes) and a beautiful rhody being dug up. He decided to just plant them somewhere...for now.
See that tall Heavenly Bamboo? Well, it had to come out before the rhody could go in.
He sized it up, figuring just how to do the job. I need to take a picture of it in the ground... you'll have to wait until it stops raining for this.
Now here in the backyard you can see a couple of things - beside all the needles from the redwood trees that blew in the yard from the storm. See that tall no-leaf plant in front of the windows? That's one of our blueberry plants. It definitely won't stay there, otherwise the windows would be blocked!

Back in the far corner, you can see the parts of the woodshed. Parallel to the back of the house in the far back corner, that's where Pete is rebuilding the woodshed. He told Ron that HE WOULD BUILD IT SQUARE! I think he was insinuating that the previous woodshed was NOT SQUARE. Um?
Ok, here's the posts in the ground for the new SQUARED woodshed. I was trying to explain to Joshua where it was going to be.

Remember the storm I've referred to? Well, well, well, look what blew down in our backyard?
Yep, the top of a redwood. Thankfully, it didn't hurt anything.
And since one picture is never enough, here's a second picture of the redwood top.

So that's where we are with the remodeling.


Josh said...

Looking good mom. Can't wait to see the final product. I like the windows too.

Judy said...

thank you, darlin'!

Gabe said...

Yeah it looks great! Probably a little on the stressful side if you are there but looks great from here.

Love ya!