Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The foundation is poured

This is what went on yesterday.

This is Pete. The cement truck came, poured cement into a pump, which then pumped the cement through this hose. It saved our demolished side yard from further being demolished.

I was a bit fascinated by the whole process.

Cheap thrills...especially when you've been holed up in the house away from my 27 students and my girlfriends and my co-workers...and, and....

This is the cement being poured into the pump.
This is Kyle, in the orange, working the cement while the guy from the cement company guides the cement.
Here Pete is 'working the cement'. I asked him what that was for. He said that's just what you do...that it makes the surface harder...I think that's what he said. Unfortunately, this cement is going to take longer to harden and dry cause it's SO COLD outside.
Here comes Kyle, the young guy with the back-breaking work of hauling in a bale of hay. Why hay? You'll see....
Um? Plastic? Yep, that's Al starting to cover the foundation. Pete said we were going to 'put the foundation to bed.'
Ah, here comes the hay. Pete said it's to keep the cement warm.
That looks like it will keep it warm. (It'd make me sneeze, but cement - hopefully - can't sneeze. Actually, Pete said the danger with pouring cement in cold weather, is IF it froze during the night, it could EXPLODE...up to even a year later. I was happy to see all the hay keeping that cement nice and cozy warm.

Right in the middle of the cement truck pouring the cement into the pump, and the roofing company pulling it's truck over at Marvin's to check out his roof leak, the building supply people came with some lumber. Pete had called and reminded them NOT to come until the afternoon. Um? Someone either wasn't listening, or ... well, they came. I was afraid the boards were going to break! Ron told me wood is pliable, has to be, you know, like for earthquakes. Thanks, Ron.

It was a busy day around the neighborhood!

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Gabe said...

Good story Jutes! It is a "silver lining" that you have all the activity in the nieghborhood to keep you entertained until you go back to school. It looks like it would be fun to watch. Progress looks good!