Thursday, December 06, 2007

Looking for silver linings...

The"silver lining" is what I've always referred to when you're looking for what's good in a not-so-good situation. The not-so-good situation is that I have the shingles...and that makes me contagious for chicken pox. Because of that, my school district waved me good-bye, adios, and a nice 'get out of here'. Seriously, I would just die if I gave chicken pox to a mom in an early pregnancy...that could be devastating. I was heartbroken - at first - thinking of not being at school during this holiday time. So, I told myself to look for the silver lining.

It didn't take long.

First, I have a great student teacher, Mary. Plus, I have a great sub, Mr. C, who retired a little over a year ago after a 30+ year teaching career. Ok, so I figured I didn't have to worry about my class, they are in great hands.

Second, I feel just fine. Oh, the shingles are VERY painful...but I could still function.

Third, that means I have time at read, to cook, to paint, to blog....

Fourth, and yesterday, my dear friend, Rema, called and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. A walk? In the middle of the day, a weekday? Um?
This is NOT Rema, this is her dog, Ginger. Ginger was excited to go on a walk!
Ginger wanted us to walk a little faster. Ginger, who loves the ocean more than walking down a trail, found a creek. She responded well when I called her name so I could take a picture.
Oooh, look at this! This is probably the most beautiful toadstool I've ever seen. Almost looks fake - but it's not.

So, there have been quite a lot of 'silver linings' since I've had the shingles. They're still contagious, but the pain is MUCH better! Gotta love that Tylenol PM!


Gabe & Emily said...

Jutes!! Glad to hear you are keeping things in perspective. Hopefully you can enjoy the time off and paint some pictures.. I have a lot of empty wallspace.

Love you and hope you feel better...

Hunserville said...

Hi Judy, Sure hope you are feeling better today (12/10). We have been praying for your "roofing" problem. Love ya, H.