Thursday, June 02, 2011


 I love to cook! 
 Therefore...I love cookbooks!  My sweet daughter would probably tell you I have too many...and my sweet daughter is...well, I would say she's probably correct...
 On the other hand, someone once told me that if you get one great recipe from a cookbook, it was worth the purchase.  I think I'll agree with that person! 

See that San Francisco Chronicle cookbook?  Oh, it has THE best coffee cake...  Silver Palette has Chicken Marbella, and a slew of other great recipes. 
 My guy bought be that 'Good to the Grain' last it!  See the Chevy's cookbook?  It has THE best guacamole...
 I just bought that cookbook on top of the pile.  It's a vegan cookbook (no, I'm not going vegan)...and actually bought another one...but gave it to that sweet daughter of mine who I'm sure thinks I have too many cookbooks...  Lindsey does not have too many...the one I just gave her may be her only ...or maybe she has one or two...  Lindsey is a great cook...she loves to try dishes that are unusual...that use unusual ingredients... she's more adventurous than I am in that regard.
Then...there's Cooking Light..  I love that magazine...can't seem to stop subscribing.  I got my sweet daughter in law - Erica - hooked on it.  She also loves to cook...and her other half is a picky eater, but a great guy! 

So I'm grateful for cookbooks...even one with only one great recipe!



Anonymous said...

I don't know why you need all those cook books Jutze. I cook all the time and the directions are right on the food. Some of my favorites recipes are "just add water" and "microwave for 3 minutes then stir". Cooking light is just a waste of money.

Judy said...

Joshua, you are hilarious!