Sunday, June 19, 2011

Emerson eating a banana

" Mimi, can I have this banana?" Emerson asked.
 "Of course you can!  Your Mimi is worried about you not eating!" 
 I was happy to see him eat.  Seriously, I don't know where he gets his energy.  This was banana #2 in 24 hours...  He loves his milk...and drinks plenty of it, but eating.... he just says 'No' whenever we try to give him something to eat. 

Emerson was creative in the way he ate his banana...but what you only see the beginnings of in this him starting to choke...choking on that huge piece of banana!  I grabbed him, pulled it out, he cried...for a minute or two...and then all was well! more banana!

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Josh said...

Get that boy some steak and eggs.....