Saturday, June 25, 2011

Playing at the park in the wind

 It's been extremely windy windy that it's knocking over plants.  Emerson didn't care.  We walked to the park a couple of different times and both times, his hair was blowing like was mine! 
 He loved this ledge.  It goes around this rubber-chip area where some of the play equipment is. 
 He was proud of himself for balancing on it as he walked...
 "Look, Mimi!" 
 He was asking me .... asking multiple times ... for me to take a picture of him!  This is the first time he's ever asked me that. 

"Picture, Mimi," he said.
 After walking all around the perimeter, he ran over to the bench and climbed up...
 but didn't stay long....
He started running around...

 then hopped back up on the bench...
 "Picture, Mimi," he said. 

What a cutie!!!
 "Am I just a little bit cute?" he asked.

"No, Emerson...You're a WHOLE BUNCH cute!"

(This was not the true conversation!)
 Emerson was loving watching all the dogs...all the other kids running around.
 I tried to get him to go down the slide... but he said an emphatic, "NO!"
 When it was time to go, he stopped to check out the park one more time.
 I told him it was time to go back to Mimi's house.

"This way," he said.  (True!)

I told him no, we needed to go the other way. 
He thought about it a minute...

then grabbed my hand...

and off we went....

I love taking my little men to the park!

I love my little guy:)


Gabe said...

Those pictures are amazing!

John said...

Great pictures of Emerson! Have a great trip

Your fav BRo.