Friday, June 24, 2011

Watermark on Eme

SOOC... This stands for Straight Out Of the Camera

Here is the edited version.  I lightened the photo.... then I enlarged his eyes ever so slightly...and brightened them slightly.  Then I added some texture to the background.
Not to leave well enough alone, I decided to add his name on the side.  I love his name...but I don't know that I like it on this photo.  You've seen other photos where I put the name...and I usually like it...just not too sure on this one.  I made it orange since he's wearing orange!
Today, I learned to make a watermark.  A watermark is what many professional photographers use so others can't copy their photographs.  I'm certainly not a professional photographer, and generally don't care if someone copies my pictures.  I wanted to try it see how I liked it.... 
So here is my little Emerson... 4 versions of my little guy...absolutely adorable in every one!

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Gabe said...

It was interesting to open the pictures side by side and notice the differences.. The eye changes are great!