Monday, April 09, 2012

Addison and Soo

This is my nephew, Addison...and his new wife, Soo!
Addison is starting his 3rd year teaching English in South Korea.  This year, he's teaching kindergarten!  In his first year, he met Soo... and about a week ago (I'm not sure of the date...when was it, Addison?) he and Soo eloped... so now they're Mr. & Mrs. B...  Welcome to our family, Soo! 


When do we get to meet Soo?????


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Addison & Soo!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both of you.
Addison, please tell Soo to be patient. I know she's been hearing for years about this "awesome and amazing cousin" that lives in Southern California. Indeed it's true, but have a little patience and we'll meet before too long.


Anonymous said...

Soo just needs to come to California! Between this 'awesome and amazing cousin' and Addison's 'favorite aunt in California'... well, this is the place to be! I always said Addison fit best in our family!