Friday, April 06, 2012


This was my train...
Benjamin and I were playing 'City', which is what this train set from PLAN toys is called.  
 Benjamin was moving my train for me...
 This is his train, which he told me was a 'Limo-train.' 
 I don't think I would have even had part of the train, except it wouldn't hook on to the others.  (The white train has two cars with only one hook, while each car of the red train has hooks on each end.)
 Benjamin will play this for hours... up and over the bridge. 
 Oops, my train is in the way...
 The "Limo-train"
When I told Donnie about Benjamin calling it a Limo-train... he said he'd been fascinated with limos recently... long car=limo...long train=limo train... it certainly makes sense!
Little boys and cars, limos, trains and limo-trains....

How adorable!


Anonymous said...

He is growing so fast and is so smart. My friends are in awe when I tell them about Benjamin and Emerson. But they listen and smile. Love it. Love to all, Mom

Anonymous said...

Good news for your fingers. The Limo-train has no doors.
Looks like fun Benji. When you come to see UJosh I'll take you on the Coaster.