Saturday, April 07, 2012

First bath

 William wasn't too happy about his first bath.  It was late...he had to wait for his big brother to go to sleep so his Mimi could document his first bath!
Actually, he might not have been OK with his ... well, his privates showing.  Don't worry, William!  Your Mimi won't let anyone see.
There...that's better!  He's a happy camper now.
 From that point on, he was actually enjoying his first bath in the tub! 
 There you go, Little guy!  All nice and snuggly and warm!
He was a happy little man, hanging out with his mama!

 Sweetness!  It's just so, so fun having a little one again!


Anonymous said...

What a big boy and so sweet. Wish I could hold him. Happy Easter. Love,Mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like one clean boy!


Anonymous said...

That would be 'UNCLE JISHY!'