Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's Ok, you don't need to get your glasses.  Your eyes are working just fine.  Yes, this is William.  Yes, he's just now 8 weeks old, although in this picture he was 7 weeks old.  Yes, he's sitting on his little potty...
and yes, he uses it!
It's called Elimination Communication...and my baby girl is doing it with her newest baby boy!  It's pretty amazing.  I, of course, was a little skeptical about the whole thing when Lindsey first told me about it.  Her explanation was that you actually train a baby to get used to having a wet/dirty diaper by keeping diapers on them.  Sure enough, Mr. William is a very unhappy camper when his diaper is wet or dirty. 

The idea is:  you learn your baby's signs for when they need to go... Lindsey will hold William over the potty and make this little 'sss,sss,sss' sound and ...well, there he goes! 

Like I said, pretty amazing!

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jujabbo said...

He gets better at it every day!