Sunday, April 22, 2012

The boys go on their first field trip

The boys went on their first fourth grade field trip...all 3 boys!  Benjamin, Emerson, and William!
It wasn't the ideal weather for an outside field trip.  It was a bit...wet!
Anthony and William, two of my students, absolutely adopted Benjamin.  They stayed by his side the entire time.  Our first activity was touring a native American village...actually a re-creation of one.
Emerson warmed up after a little bit, and then it was 'the guys'! 
William preferred the dryness of his BOB!
Inside a native American family home, the boys were peeking through the boards to see outside. 

After touring the Native American village, we went on a hike...
A hike through the the rain!  No problem for the boys, though.  Someone from the previous group loaned them an umbrella.  Brady and Anthony - and some of the other boys - made sure they kept the umbrella over their heads.
William stayed dry in the BOB and his mama, my Lindsey, kept, well, sort of dry...

After the hike, we had lunch in a covered area...

Peanut butter and jam sandwiches... always a good lunch!

The bathroom was the next stop for Benjamin...Emerson came along too!
 Our third activity was making these necklaces.  They're made out of dentillium shells, beads, and a piece of abalone.  Here, Emerson is modeling his... I helped him make his...
 Lindsey helped Benjamin make his...
 Benjamin and his necklace!
 The girls took over entertaining the boys.  They were having their picture made with Emerson...

Then Benjamin joined in the fun!
This is Hailee, Alexis, Rian, Phoebe, Kasey
Emerson and Benjamin
What a fun day!  The boys...their first field trip!


Anonymous said...

Love the blog. My, how the boys hve grown and their personalities too. Like the Chic-fil-A says-instead of chicken how about more pictures. Love you Mom

Judy said...

Oh never fear, Mom! I have lots more pictures to come. All I need is time!

jujabbo said...

They had a blast!