Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Location possibilities for my baby boy

 My baby oldest baby boy, Josh, is going to be taking my daughter (in-law) and granddaughter, and going overseas. He'll be in charge of the people guarding the American Embassy.  He doesn't know where, or for sure, when... but he'll find out in March or April.

He may get to give his top 3 choices, but there's no guarantee he'll get them. They will be in one country for 18 months...then a second country for 18 months.

My mom will be getting her will my guy!  There will definitely be more international travel in the coming summers! 

Look at this list...and if you don't mind, tell Joshua (in the comments) what your top 3 choices would be.

I'm excited for them...and I'm sad that they'll be sad...but so happy for them at the same time!

My top 3?  They'll be in the comments!


Judy said...

My top three...would probably be..

Brussels, Belgium
Dublin, Ireland
...and my 3rd is either Paris,France; London,England; Madrid,Spain; or Geneva, Switzerland. I LOVE Paris...London would be easy...Switzerland is amazing, although I didn't spend much time in Geneva, and I've only heard that Madrid is wonderful. Sorry to be a bit indecisive on #3, Josh!

Anonymous said...

My 3 picks would be Dublin, Ireland, Vienna, Austria and Geneva, Switzerland. Three places I would love to see. Love you Saddie

Anonymous said...

So Jutze,
I Googled "ski resorts near Geneva" and was very impressed. There was over 20 within an hour. That would be fun.


jujabbo said...

I'll have to think about it more, but Switzerland (though expensive) was my favorite European country.

Anonymous said...

I want Korea, Soul, you guys could be with Add and Soo. No such luck! So I will say:
Costa Rica, San Jose I've herd that it is an awesome place to go, Thalia would love this. (Monkeys)
Switzerland, Bern
Austria, Vienna
I love you Josh. I know that God will send you to the perfect place for you all.
Love, Aunt Becky

Anonymous said...

Hey josh, my top 3 are:

1) Geneva Switzerland

2) Paris France

3) London or Costa Rica

This is exciting!

Love ya,

Uncle John