Saturday, October 03, 2015

Emerson gets a haircut for picture day at school

 Emerson has his personal barber,
aka his dad!
 The barber shop is also used as
the restroom.
 Emerson decides to make a...
weird face?
 or two...
 or three...
 or four....
 or five?
 "Emerson, look down," said his dad.
 He did.

 This was actually the next morning as Emerson was getting ready to head to school.
Such a handsome young man!
Lucky Mimi, I got to go volunteer in his 1st grade classroom during reading groups.
Emerson was writing a story about he and his Mimi playing football cards.
I didn't get to read the whole story, so I'm definitely looking forward to that!

It was a fun day in a first grade classroom with a sweet young man with a great new haircut!

Emerson wanted it noted on this blog, that the guy in the brown striped shirt is his buddy, Will.

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Anonymous said...

Nice little high and tight there Eme. Your Dad should work at a MCRD.