Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Happy Birthday, Gabe!

 Someone had a birthday on October 2...
someone who turned 37 years old!

Emerson helped and we made cupcakes to celebrate.
White cake with chocolate frosting
and quite a lot of sprinkles!
Emerson wanted to carry the cupcake in to his dad as we sang...
We had 3 candles across top (for '30')
and 7 candles around the bottom.
We bought a small photo book for Emerson's dad...
and we put pictures of Walt...and Walt and Emerson...
and more photos of the family in it.
Two other photos, we framed.  
We made birthday cards...here Emerson is explaining it all to his daddy!

I figured a birthday of a daddy is the perfect time to take photos!

We took some family photos...
that's always fun!

(FYI...Emily was NOT drinking this beer.)

What a sweet birthday this was!
Happy birthday, Gabe!

You'll always be MY baby boy!


jujabbo said...

Happy Birthday Gabe!
Love, your sister

Anonymous said...

No reminder????? Grute, Happy Birthday…only 12 days late on this one.

Your Brother