Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall is here!

It's definitely fall...
the blueberry bushes are changing color...
 the woodshed is about full
(actually it's more full than this today!)
 I'm wanting to cook pumpkin recipes..
like these pumpkin spice iced cookies (YUM)...
Our hydrangas are in bloom
when everyone else's are finished!
Plus, these are supposed to be the purple variety, but no amount of iron in the soil will make them anything except white!
 Spider webs are everywhere...
 and not just webs for any spider,
but for these pumpkin spiders!
These guys are HUGE...
and they're everywhere!
 Ron went around about a week ago and knocked a lot of them down...
They're definitely not something you want to walk into!
It's definitely fall!

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