Saturday, October 03, 2015

Walt goes to the doctor for his first check-up

 Isn't he precious?
Walt had his first doctor appointment today.  It was just a little check-up.
 I got him undressed for the doctor..

 She weighed him...
8 lbs. 2.3 oz.
He was 8 lbs. 11 oz. at birth...

 Walt was an excellent patient!
 Back at the ranch, Emerson and I were playing football cards.
We (well, Emerson actually had to help his Mimi who is not too up on football players) sorted them by positions.  Then we ranked them by who we would have on our first string, second string, etc.
 It was quite an ordeal!
I bet we did this about 4 hours!
 When Walt's daddy came home from work, he wanted to snuggle with his newest little man.

It was another sweet day!!!!!!
(Exclamation marks by Emerson!)

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Jake said...

Oh Judy! Little Walt is so precious, and so very lucky to have such a loving big brother! Emerson is indeed a handsome young man, and I'm sure Walt will carry on the tradition of handsome Johnston men! Loved the pic of baby Walt sleeping on Gabe. JoAnna took a similar pic of Cleo sleeping on a sleeping Travis! Don't know why, but those kinds of pics just melt my heart!!!