Saturday, October 24, 2015

Walt meets more of his family!

 I was having "Walt withdrawals" so we headed south on October 16th.
We got there late, so the only one awake was Gabe.
Saturday, the 17th, we were hanging out playing with Emerson and Walt...
football, football, football cards, and football with Emerson!
Rocking, walking, changing diapers, and kissing on Walt.

 Emerson actually put down his football cards for awhile and took out his Monster Trucks!

He was organizing them some way...
Emerson is definitely a collector...
and an organizer of his collections!

 A friend of Emily's brought over this swing...
Walt enjoyed it!
 I can't remember if Emerson was imitating his brother,
or hiding from his Mimi's camera!

 We had been waiting...
and watching...
for Benjamin, William, Lindsey, and Donnie to arrive!
We introduced them to their newest cousin.
Benjamin was in love with him.  He wanted to hold him...
William, took a look, and that was good enough for him!
 A bit later, Benjamin got ahold of my camera...
He's definitely going to be a photographer as he grows up!
 He took photos of his newest cousin having a snack,
of his Mama and Papa...
 of his brother...
 One of the things we were going to do was celebrate Ron's 62nd birthday!
It's wasn't for a few days, but this was when we could get together.
Emily had started cleaning the back patio, and she had a lot of help from Benjamin.
When it was closer to eating time, she had a lot of help from all 3 of the big boys!
(William is one of the 'big boys' now since Walt is our little guy!)

 Emerson was setting the table...
For dinner we had BBQ ribs, potatoes, and salad.
For dessert, Lindsey made pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes.
YUM...they were TASTY!

 Our boys got a little rambunctious, so Uncle Gabe had the
brilliant idea to put on a show about animals.
The boys...and the adults...were captivated!

 Aunt Lindsey with her newest nephew!
Benjamin loving his new baby cousin!
 It was getting late, and before Lindsey's family took off, 
I wanted a picture of Ron and I with our 4 grandsons.

 It took a few minutes to get organized!

 I love this!

What a great day...
celebrating Ron's birthday
and being with family!

It would have been perfect if Joshua, Erica, and Thalia had been here,
but I was thinking about them!

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