Saturday, April 01, 2017

Benjamin and William practice baseball on March 1st

 On March 1st, both Benjamin and William had baseball practice.  Fortunately, they were at back to back fields!
 Benjamin was looking pretty cool in his new sunglasses...
or his 'shades'...

 This is William's first year to play...
he's in T-ball.
 I stood between the two fields so I could watch one and then the other!

 In William's T-ball, they practiced part of the time with a wiffle-type ball.  For probably most of these kids, they weren't used to throwing a ball...
a baseball can hurt!

 Of course, in T-ball, we have some playing around...kicking the dirt...

 This was cute.  The coach was throwing out grounders and before he'd throw it, he'd yell out, "who is ready for the ball?" 
 William was yelling "I am!"
 On Benjamin's team, the coach wasn't yelling anything like that!
They just had to keep their eye on the ball and be ready if it came to them.

 William was excited when he hit the ball...
and then took off for first base!
I can't remember this little girls name, but William really liked her.
When they had to find a partner, William and this girl would go for each other.
They had fun playing in the dirt too.

 This was hilarious!
Benjamin saw me with the camera and he started making the 'shades' move up and down by ... well, I'm not sure how he was doing it.

Benjamin's team had 4 different stations they were rotating through.
This one, obviously, was hitting.

It was so much fun watching the boys play!

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