Saturday, April 29, 2017


 Minecraft is a video game.
It's all about building...and Benjamin and William love it!
 Both of them are Lego guys...which is building..
so Minecraft just goes right along with that idea.
Once I downloaded the game on my phone and iPad...Benjamin started playing on the phone and William on the iPad.  Everytime they finish, they save what they've done.  That way, everytime they restart, they start where they left off. 

 I love how Benjamin has checked books out of the library to research things about the different 'worlds'.  He explained to me how it all works's pretty amazing to me!

William gets a little frustrated sometimes, but he'll tap Benjamin on the shoulder and Benjamin will show him how to do whatever it is...and then William will proceed on.
Minecraft - legos - these boys definitely have an 'engineer' mind!

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