Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Colorado on April 8th, 2017

I flew back to Colorado on April 6th.
There was a very special reason to head back...April 12th was coming soon...
more on that later!  
Brody loves to play in the backyard...and look what likes to hang out with him?
Can you see the rabbit in the top picture?
Brody is pointing to it!
He loves his elephant...which is a little riding toy.
He's REALLY into 'trains'.
You may not realize he's on a 'train'..but he is!
My mom and I were outside with him...I had gone in the house for who knows what.  When I came back out, Mom was down trying to tie this wagon to his elephant because he wanted a TRAIN!

His Nanny and Pop bought him a rake and shovel awhile back.  
He was using his shovel to load bark into the wagon, which as you know, is part of his train.

Nice shovel, Brody!
What a worker you are!

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