Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Lindsey at 21 weeks!

 After William's practice, I wanted to take some pictures of Lindsey and her growing baby!
 She's definitely showing!
 This little person has 2 brothers who are delighted to have another sibling.
 Lindsey and Donnie haven't found out if they're having a little girl or another little man...
 My guess is, these boys would love another brother!
 He or she is due August 19th...
We're praying for this little life...and the life of his/her mama.
We've done that 4 times before this...praying for our little people:
Emerson, Benjamin, William, Walt, and now ?

 Benjamin was throwing a baseball up in the air, and was asking if I could catch it in a picture.  We tried several times and I caught it in this picture above and below!

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Anonymous said...

Looking great Lindz!