Sunday, April 23, 2017

Benjamin's baseball game

 Benjamin is on the Red Sox!
He had a game on the 4th...
 I love watching the guys play!
They were practicing before the game...

 William had a group of buddies to play with the last team Benjamin was on.
A little later, some showed up...but for a lot of the time, he sat and watched with me.

 I couldn't get real close for pictures with the way the field is set up:(
Benjamin got a here he is on 2nd base!
 The next batter also got a hit...and Benjamin scored a run!
 He played different positions...pitcher is his favorite.
 "Plays at first!"
 He got another hit his next time up...and off he ran to first!

 His mama was watching...
 Maggie, William's friend, showed up.

 3rd base was Benjamin's next position to play.

 Maggie left, so William was hanging out playing with whatever he could find. 

 After the 'after game' meeting, the boys got some food from the snack bar...
then off we went!

 You're looking cool, William!
It was getting pretty cold by this time, so we were glad to head back home!
What a fun game!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Thanks Mom!