Monday, June 22, 2009

Uncle Joshua

Joshua... the older brother... is now Uncle to these two little men who came into our family in the month of May. I hope Emerson and Benjamin know how lucky they are. I know Thalia could tell them.

Joshua lives far away, so he hasn't been able to get up here to see his new nephews. But he calls... oh how he calls. When Emily was in labor, he called, he texted me... he called some more.

Even before Lindsey was in labor, Joshua would call, "How's Linz doing?" I don't know how many times he's asked that... he is still asking that. After Benjamin was born, Joshua would call, "How's Linz doing? How's Benjamin?" Often, I'd tell him something and then he'd ask, "That's good, isn't it?"

Usually a conversation goes like this: my phone rings... I pick it up and say 'Hello.' Joshua's response, "Hey." That's it, just 'Hey'.... but then he starts, wanting to know everything that's going on, asking how everyone is. I wish so much that they lived closer... I miss having Joshua, Erica, and Thalia here with us.

A couple of days ago, Joshua called, "Good blog, Jutze. I like the blog...makes me feel like I know 'em."

Uncle Joshua... big brother, Joshua... my baby boy, Joshua...Joshua, 9 weeks old, with my dad. Daddy always called him "Big Josh".

He's 'big' alright...big hearted...

He's absolutely incredible...


Anonymous said...

Joshua, YOU ARE THE MAN! I remember this picture. Have a great day,

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Big Josh with his Big Belly ripping open his shirt! Some things never change.


Little Brother

Anonymous said...

Joshie, we love you. Aunt becky and U. J

Anonymous said...

Josh was my first grandchild. What a cutie. He loved music and he would want me to play Bad Bad Leroy Brown and then he would dance. I have two versions of the song and I think of Josh everytime I hear it. Josh, you're a sweetie and I love you and looking forward to seeing you and Thalia. Saddie