Monday, May 14, 2012

Joshua's 36th birthday!

 36 years ago today, my baby boy was born.  I KNEW he was Joshua...even though there were no ultrasounds or any tests to see the sex of the baby.  I just knew...I had dreamed about him... My friends and co-workers would ask, "How's Joshua?" when I was pregnant. 
 May 14, 1976... I was in labor...
 and my 9 lb. 3 oz. perfect little Joshua was born!  I had my babies without any epiderals... just push those babies out!

 My baby boy, Joshua, had the fatest little cheeks!
 Some of my friends came to visit us at the hospital....  My best friend, Barbara... she's the one with the CIGARETTE!  IN THE HOSPITAL ROOM... WITH A BABY!  My, how times have changed!  Thank goodness!
 I loved this little seat...well, Joshua loved this little seat.  He could be propped up to check out what was going on... I don't even think they make things like that anymore.
 We had come home from the hospital and were sitting out in the backyard.  My Aunt Jane was just coming off her chemo for cancer.  Beside her is Mimi and my mom, the infamous, Saddie.  In front is my cousin, Ray, who we used to call Bonner... and then me. 
 My daddy... he always called Joshua, 'Big Josh'!  He was absolutely crazy about his grandson!
Me, Joshua, and Mom
 Joshua is 8 weeks old here...and I'm feeding him Rice cereal!  I wouldn't do that now!
 My cousin, Patti.  Her little brother is Ray (Bonner)...and my Aunt Jane was her mother...
 My little Joshua!
 My daddy loved to hold walk with keep him for me while I did errands, or whatever!
 Joshua...your mama has loved you from before you were even born!
 Your Saddie has always been crazy about you too!
 What a beautiful baby you were...everyone always commented on how adorable you were...and, still are, of course!
 Mimi was crazy about her first great-grandson!
 Aunt Jane was crazy about her first great-nephew!
 You and I, Joshua...we always had so much fun playing!

 I loved to take you to Temple to see Mimi.  Here we are:  Granddad, Mimi, Aunt Terry and then you and I...
 Your daddy always has thought you were the absolute've always loved to help...even now, you're always ready for a 'project'!

 35 years ago...this was your first birthday!  I remember that little outfit.  I loved it!
 We went to Petal, Mississippi....
 and Pensacola, Florida, where you LOVED the ocean...loved the beach!
You started growing up...a happy little guy.  I think one of your nephews looks SO much like you, especially in this picture. first little man!  I wish I could put in  words what you have always meant to me!

I love much!
Happy Birthday... and happy anniversary to you and Erica!


Anonymous said...

what a geat blog. And the pictures bring back such memories to me. Happy Birthday Josh and Happy Anniversary to you and Erica. I love you Josh. Saddie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog Jutze. Loved those pictures....

Birthday Boy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Grute!

jujabbo said...

Happy Birthday Josh! I'm a blessed girl to have such a great big bro. Can't wait to see you again.