Friday, May 18, 2012

Morning sun

 We woke up to sunshine!  Those of  you who don't live here are probably thinking... 'so?' 
 I was in here in our family room, drinking a cup of coffee in front of the fire - yes, FIRE.... FIRE IN  MAY!.... it's 38 degrees May...  
Anyway, my guy told me to 'come look at the flowers'... because this rhody plant had the morning sun shining on it....  It's so gorgeous.  We talked about how beautiful it was...and then I did what I normally do - grabbed the camera.  My guy told me a picture wouldn't do it justice, and he was correct.  So I stepped outside - in the 38 degree sunshine - and took a couple of shots...and he was still correct. 

The morning sun on the's gorgeous!

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Anonymous said...

How pretty. It's so nice to turn on to your blog at breakfast time and see such pretty flowers. Love you, Mom