Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SKYPING with the birthday boy!

 I called Benjamin this afternoon to wish him a Happy Birthday.  He was getting ready to go on a bike ride - not by himself, but he was taking his family along too. We talked a few minutes, then I asked him to call me when he got home.

He said he would.

He's a man (remember, he's 3 YEARS OLD NOW!) of his word, of course.  Sure enough, a little later, actually 7 miles later, he SKYPED me...and we visited.  He sang 'Holy, Holy, Holy' for me multiple times.
 Last time I was there, he also sang 'Holy, Holy, Holy' to me....but he would say, "Blessed Ginity...." and I would tell him, no, it was Blessed TRInity.  Well, it became a joke, he'd say Ginity and I'd say Trinity.

Tonight when he was singing it, he said 'Blessed Trinity,' and I clapped and was like, YEAH, Benjamn, you said Trinity!  Then I reminded him of our earlier discussions.

He remembered.
He decided to sing it again...and when he got to that part, he said, "Blessed Ginity," and started cracking up laughing!

What a sweetheart my little man is!

3 years old...and he's already a great singer!

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