Thursday, March 27, 2014

Benjamin and William visit...and Benjamin teaches Spanish!

Benjamin and William (and their mama) came to visit at school today.

My students were very excited for them to come.  I figured Benjamin would be real shy and that William would be a live wire.
William was very serene...sitting in this chair just watching what all was going on.  Benjamin, on the other hand, just started telling the kids about his preschool and about speaking Spanish,
just visiting with them.

This is a fairly long video...of Benjamin teaching my class how to count!

William just listened to all the counting...

All the kids wanted to read with Benjamin or William.  William...well, he wasn't very interested.  He wanted to explore...

Their mama was working on something...the boys were busy and happy, so she had some time to herself :)

William was checking out David, on his crutches...

This was March 17th... St. Patrick's both the boys wore their shirts from Ireland.  Their Grandma and Grandpa brought these to them from their trip to Ireland.

Ok, enough of this, was William's thought.  It was time to leave...but how much fun it was to have the boys at school!

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