Monday, March 03, 2014

Brody is 5 lb. 10 oz.

Sami sent me some more photos of Brody today.  The little guy is still little...but he's growing!  He is now up to 5 lb. 10 oz!  He is getting tired of waiting for his cousin, Remy, to get here. 
 He was about to the point of being distraught over this waiting game...waiting for his new cousin in Korea to hurry up and come!
 He had his boxing gloves on today..practicing for...well, I'm not sure who he's planning on boxing.
 Seeing as he's such a little guy, all that exercise wore him out!
 He disagreed...he doesn't think he's such a little guy and he's not tired! 
 He looks like he enjoyed his bath!

 We could tell it definitely relaxed him...

 Looks like he's one sleeping little man!  Sleeping and growing!

Pretty soon you'll be at the big 6, Brody!


Anonymous said...

Growing so fast and what a cutie. Saddie

Anonymous said...

What a stud! :)


Anonymous said...

Looking good! Gabe, he looks like you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting these up for everyone to see! :) Love you guys & can't wait for everyone to meet him! :)