Thursday, March 27, 2014

Remy is home!

Remy!  He is home now...after spending a week in the hospital.
That's just the way they do it in Korea.
Look at this little guy!
 Broncos?  Yep, that's Broncos as in Denver...Denver, Colorado.
His daddy is a sort of sports fan..maybe just a little bit of a sports fan...maybe a whole lot of a sports fan.  I was looking at this thinking, Look at his long legs and feet!  I bet he's going to be tall like his daddy!  I, unfortunately, have never met Remy's mama. 
Someday soon, I hope!

You're looking good, Remy!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Go Broncos


Anonymous said...

Get that boy a Niners hat! He's looking good!


Unknown said...

Love him!