Saturday, March 15, 2014

William's 2nd Birthday Party

Cluck, Neigh, Moo...Look who's turning two!  William!
We had William's party on March 2nd. 
It was in the midst of a rainy period...but the forecast said 0% chance until late afternoon.  Donnie put up the tarp...just in case.
Lindsey had a farm theme.

The party started at 11 a.m.  I've watched so many of these little people grow up since Benjamin's first birthday.  Now many of them have little brothers and sisters...they are now William's little buddies!

The trampoline is always a favorite with the little people.  I felt so much better since Donnie put up this fence around it. 

William was ready to play catch!

Lindsey and Donnie had put some hay bales around.  It was a perfect spot to take some photos. 

 Emerson wasn't too thrilled with the hay bale situation!

The swing set and slide is also a big hit.

There were hot dogs, cole slaw, and other snacks for lunch.  It was starting to sprinkle a under the tarp was a great place for eating!

William had told me earlier that he was the 'birthday boy'!  Yes he was!!!

These girls were comfortable in their chairs with umbrellas to protect them...and their hot dogs...from the rain!

Emerson and Benjamin were checking out the table...

I love this...William loved looking at the photos of him on the table.

During the rain....
The rain didn't dampen the spirits of the little people...

William just loves his cousin, Emerson! 
Now it was time for cupcakes...for William's 2nd birthday cupcake...time to sing "Happy Birthday" to our William!

Blow out the candles!

William wasn't content with only one cupcake...he wanted more.  I'm not sure how many he ate!
After cupcakes, it was time to play again!

 A little soccer?

 Back on the trampoline...

 Oma and Opa, the best neighbors, have chickens.  They weren't home, but told Lindsey and Donnie the kids could come over and feed the chickens.

Perfect for a farm-themed party!

 Love this picture!

 As the party was winding down, Emerson and Benjamin were still enjoying the trampoline...and then Gabe joined them!  

What fun they were all having!

 Benjamin was going over the rules written on the outside of the fence!

 Benjamin decided he was through jumping...

 Emerson was also finished...  I can't remember who sat down on the step first...but William liked sitting next to his cousin, Emerson!

 I asked William how old he was... "Dos" was his answer.  Then he tried to hold up two fingers on the same hand...then just changed his strategy and held up one finger on each hand to show me he was "dos"!

 Emerson came back to sit next to William...

 Whatever it was they were talking about, William was definitely enjoying it!

 We were starting to clean up from the party, and Benjamin and Emerson went straight for the iPad.  They both absolutely love to play games on it!
 William opened one of his presents before we took off...

 All 3 boys were interested in it!

 What a great toy!  Put out by PLAN toys...and just up this little man's alley.  He LOVED it!

Oh William!  2 years old!  We sure had fun at your party...and mainly just had fun being with you and watching you enjoy being 'the birthday boy'!!!

Happy Birthday


Anonymous said...

Love the blog. So much fun everyone was having. I sure have some goodlooking great grandsons. Love them all. Saddie

Judy said...

Lots of great pics of the party! Thanks Mom!