Saturday, March 29, 2014

In 2073?

 This little guys (Brody)  mama sent me some more pictures this morning...or maybe last night.  There's a good chance it was last night since sometimes you're up during the wee hours with these wee little people! 
 Wow, do these pictures bring back memories...memories of little babies...of the sweetness of these innocent little lives just starting out... of the sweet smells kissing the backs of their necks...of the cuddling...
 I look at these little people and wonder...who will they grow up to be?  What will they love?  What will their world be like? 
 I was born in 1954 and my goodness, how the world has changed!  What will it be like in 2073 when Brody and Remy are 59 years old?  or in 2068 when Emerson and Benjamin are 59...or in 2071 when William is 59?  or even in 2059 when Thalia is 59! 
It looks like Brody is pondering this same deep thinking as his Aunt Judy.  So, Brody, what do you think?  You're in for a, hopefully, great ride, little guy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Judy. He is growing fast and a cute baby


Anonymous said...

He's fattening up nicely! Very cute!