Sunday, March 30, 2014

Noah's Ark Puzzle

 I bought a puzzle at Costco awhile back...I think before Christmas...and forgot about it. It's a puzzle of Noah's Ark, but has some funny parts to it.  For example, one of the bears is the Coca-Cola bear with the sunglasses on drinking out of a cup with a straw.
I didn't even notice these little hidden comical parts until the puzzle was almost put together.

Anyway, when Lindsey and the boys were up, Benjamin found the puzzle and wanted to work it.
Just like the game, Sorry, he really hasn't been 'into' working puzzles, at least not with me.  But this trip, that was all different.  
 He worked the bulk of it...I helped some, of course.
 This was THE last piece!
 You can see where it went..

 That's all, Mimi! said the puzzle-worker.
 I love to work I love that Benjamin and Emerson enjoy working them too!  It's a fun thing to have out on a rainy, dreary, or cold day!

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