Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas Day

 These little men are amazing!  They were so excited when they got up Christmas morning...and they waited - patiently...and waited - patiently..until nearly 10 a.m. to open their stockings!  We were getting some food ready...Joshua had an urgent need to go get a 'Buckey's'...all before stockings!  The boys just played. 
 Finally, it was time!
 Stockings came first...

 You may remember Benjamin hope of 60052, a lego set.
When this gift was given to him to open, he never even had it completely opened before he was sitting down looking at the box.

 Emerson was loving his football book and his dad's calendar!

 I don't know if Eliza has ever had a stocking, but she had one with us!
Joshua and his Pop
Now Ron is adorned with his new shooting goggles and earphones...

 My littlest man opening a gift with his Daddy...
 Emily was happy with her new Keurig!
 This football isn't Gabe's...but he was just checking out Emerson's newest football...
 my baby girl!
 Emily was checking out Emerson's new headphones..
 This little man was sure loving hanging out in his new pajamas!
We also had a note left on the kitchen counter.... um?

It was definitely a Merry Christmas...

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