Thursday, January 08, 2015

From Gabe's toybox to Emerson's

 Before the big attic cleaning, I had gone up looking for legos and Lincoln Logs.  I found neither, but I did find these.
 I have not a clue who they are, but Gabe did.  These were his toys when he was a little guy.

 Dodgers?  I think Gabe HATES the Dodgers now!
 Ahh.... a Cowboy!  This is a good one.

 Some of these guys still had their helmets...
 Others didn't...

I took the first picture after I found them and sent it to Gabe.  He knew Emerson would love them.

When he was here for Christmas, Gabe had told him I had a surprise for him.  They were all in a sack...and Emerson was definitely excited when he opened the sack!  How fun for these to go from Father to Son! 

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