Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wedding Rock in Trinidad

 The weather was suppose to we headed to Trinidad and Patrick's Point State Park.
 We went to Sumeg Village... and also to Wedding Rock.
 Wedding Rock is stunning...
Obvious from the name, there are actually weddings that take place here.  You couldn't find a more scenic's the weather that could get in your way.
 It's pretty high up...and where the boys are standing probably looks dangerous, but it's perfectly safe.
 I still stayed close to the boys when they were up on the ledge...
 Eliza got up on it for a picture...I do believe I told her to "BE CAREFUL"

 The ocean was pretty wild close to shore...more than usual...

 William looked for a place...
 You can see the waves hitting the rocks below...

Benjamin wanted to take some his sweet Mama was helping him with the camera.

 Eliza and William

This is a gorgeous place for photographs!

 In July when we came here, Donnie and Lindsey climbed these rocks with their boys.
Well, the boys remembered and wanted to head back up.
Their Mimi was ... well, a bit nervous, but their Mama headed up with them.

 What goes up must come down... safely!

 After hanging out a little while longer, we headed down from Wedding Rock toward the car..

Another great day in the beautiful redwood forests and by the Pacific!

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